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I ask most clients for a 90 day agreement and then we move  month to month. Some clients are only seeking consulting for a particular challenge, transition or event. Others are looking for a continued set of eyes and ears in their businesses, and will stay on my roster for .... well a long time. As in practice, coaching cycles ebb and flow. My clients always have the right to chose if the arrangement is working for them. I  am truly grateful for  all of extraordinary people that I have the pleasure to work with. My goal is to deliver exceptional service and unparalleled commitment. 

Dr. Jennifer Anacker
Anacker Clinics of Chiropractic

Prior to coaching with Dr. Lyn DaSylva, I worked with 4 other coaches. Some coaching styles are procedures only, some are a one size fits all model and others paint "big brush" ideals of "being better" without any actions steps.  Dr. Lyn has a different style altogether.  Dr. Lyn becomes your personal co-pilot for your practice and personal happiness.  She is able to understand the needs of your office and life. I have not had a coach "get me" and my desires in life like Dr. Lyn.  For me, this is what makes her like no other coach.  


When you are first in practice you have a lot of actionable items that propel you into growth. You also need to shift stuck mindsets of scarcity, student mentality and money concepts.  I watched her balance both sides of those needs as she advised my Independent Contractor who was a new grad.


Dr. Lyn DaSylva came to be my coach at a perfect time in my life.  I was 10 years into practice knowing that I wanted to grow but needed better balance and feared a burned-out life without being where I wanted to be personally and professionally.  Up until this point, I had thought that if I did more it would always equate getting more - but “more of what” was the question.  She helped me shift from micromanaging my office to a mindset of working on my business and not always just in my business.


I had envisioned my practice working with Independent Contractors or Associates.  Prior to working with Dr. Lyn I was not attracting the right fit for the position.  She helped me work on myself, my staff and my systems to create the space and energy to attract my first Independent Contractor and now I am working on finding an Associate.


I also now understand the dynamics of timing in practice.  There are right times to throttle up, time to coast and time to throttle down and take time for vacations. This is a huge life concept of balance.  I was working from a blue-collar mentality of working harder and have now transitioned to asking, "when is my next vacation?" all while my practice continues to grow!


I personally like to seek out business opportunities.  Throughout our 5 years of coaching, she has helped me with negotiations, with buying practices, leases, having an IC, transferring care from previous chiropractors care to mine, and now I am currently looking into buying a building and hiring an associate.  I love the comfort I have in seeking out new opportunities with Dr. Lyn helping at my side.


If you want patient growth, asset growth, help with staff issues, personal balance, more vacations, less stress and win-win relationships with ICs and Associates all presented in a way that is all about you and your needs----Dr. Lyn is the coach for you!  I couldn't have gotten where I am today without her as my co-pilot!

Drs. Kim & Jeff Meier
Meier Family Chiropractic

When my husband and I opened our clinic together 12 years ago we knew that we needed some professional outside input to guide us through the difficult start-up years. 


After trying another coaching company that was pushing an agenda we didn't agree with, we were blessed to find Lyn.  


When you are starting out, it is very reassuring to make business decisions with the help of someone who has been there before, and who has guided others in the process as well.  She helped us keep our focus on making decisions that were congruent with our vision, and not get distracted by taking the path of least resistance. 


Lyn listens and meets you where you are at each call.  Twelve years into our practice her guidance is as valued as ever- helping us with associate contracts and focused staff training as well as starting a vision for a retirement plan.  She keeps us accountable and on track each week and we recommend her highly to anyone looking for business and life success!


Dr. Vikas Puri

Rare are those that can make a difference.  Even rarer are those that can transform lives!


Dr. Lyn DaSylva changed my life, transformed my life into something extraordinary.  She has been a compassionate friend, colleague, mentor and role model.  She has a tremendous gift of understanding people at a deep level and getting them reconnected with their authentic self.  She gets out of the way and facilitates the transformation just by being present and bringing forth your own unique inner voice.  Just as we adjust our patients and allow their own innate intelligence to express itself, Lyn ADJUSTS LIVES in a way that they express their highest potential. 


I will forever be in gratitude to this sagely woman.  In 2012, after a bitter marital separation, and a chiropractic practice that lacked any direction or success, I became disillusioned with life and Chiropractic as a whole.  Out of desperation to do something with my life, I applied to medical school, thinking it was an easier way to succeed and make a living.  At that same time, I reached out to

Dr. Lyn DaSylva who had taught me practice management when I was a student.  After talking to her, I was convinced I needed help, a complete “head dry cleaning” and I needed to give Chiropractic another chance.  I took Lyn on as my Chiropractic Coach, and what unfolded over the next few years was miraculous.


Slowly I went from a one-man show with no direction, to being a proud chiropractor with dreams, and a huge team of chiropractors and health practitioners working alongside me to realize that dream, and all with that same motto of Love

and Service.  This was why I entered the profession, and it was Lyn that allowed me to get myself back on purpose.  She taught me to be proud of my spiritual self and bring that authentic being into practice with me, to bring a spirit into my work that was lacking previously.


I am now a confident, knowledgeable, compassionate, loving Chiropractor with dreams of great things that I know are possible, and it is all due to Dr. Lyn DaSylva transforming my life and gifting me with ME. 


I can’t tell you how many times in the process I would be in a panic or in a “crisis” and send out a message to Lyn and she would drop everything and be there for me.  Something you may only expect from family, Lyn was all of that and more.  A confidante, a source of inspiration and strength. 


So, if you would like to improve your life, your career, or come to a better understanding of how to be the happier version of you, Dr. Lyn DaSylva is your solution.


I love you Dr. Lyn DaSylva.  Thanks for being my Angel.  

Drs. Susan Byrnes & David Kritzberg

We first met Dr. DaSylva while we were purchasing a second office.   She was the consultant for the seller.  After seeing the high level of integrity and knowledge that she brought to the table, we bought the practice and hired her on as our long-term coach.


 We knew right away that she had the right skill set to help us reach our goals. We have worked with other coaches before, but we felt like Dr. DaSylva really listened to what we wanted to do in practice and helped us to improve in countless areas of business. The success in practice has helped us to have a better balance in our lives overall.  We can definitely say we are working smarter instead of harder.


In the 12 years, we have worked with her, Dr. DaSylva has provided clear and precise recommendations, feedback and action steps for us to meet and exceed our goals.  I would definitely recommend her coaching to my fellow chiropractors looking to improve their practice.

We have found it invaluable to have someone outside of the practice keeping their eye out for problems and working for us on solutions.  While we have grown, she has helped us to scale our practice to meet goals we never thought possible. 


Dr. DaSylva has been an exceptional person to work with for all of these years and we can recommend her service with complete confidence.

Dr. Anna Bender
Atlee Chiropractic Center

 I have been working with Dr. Lyn DaSylva for over 10 years.  She has helped me grow my practice and my life to be exactly what I wanted it to be when I started talking with her over a decade ago. 


I went from a single practitioner and single in life to running a three-doctor clinic seeing 400 patient visits a week and a happily married mom.  She has helped me navigate life every step of the way and together, we have created this juicy, well balanced career that I absolutely LOVE and I can celebrate it with my amazing family and friends.  


I would suggest to any chiropractor, male or female, just getting started or established, who has a desire for success, to seek out a coach.  Lyn is unique in the world of chiropractic coaches – you and your practice will be better for seeking her out.

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