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 Dr. Lyn DaSylva​

I am a chiropractor, a consultant, a life coach, a marketer, an entreprenuer, a wife, a step-mom,  a sister, a best friend, an artist, a seeker, a gardener, a foodie, a home enthusiast, an introvert, a life-long learner, a cheerleader for everything creative and grateful for all the paths, people and experiences that landed both of us right here, right now.  


Dr. Lyn DaSylva

My first week at Life I was introduced to a consultant that I completely resonated with – Dr. John Whitney.  He was a successful chiropractor with a practice management company out of Canada that began training students. His thinking was if, before they graduated, they knew everything they would need to know about entering practice, chances were excellent they would make the right decisions for themselves and accelerate through the challenging transition time.


Throughout school, I attended his seminars and learned all the practice strategies for a successful startup.   When I was ready to graduate, during his exit interview, Dr. Whitney asked me where I saw myself in 5 years.  I replied, “with your job”.  And so my career in training, coaching and consulting began.


For 15 years we worked together exclusively with students and put over 5000 chiropractors into practice.   Like proud parents, many of our clients are now forces to be reckoned within the profession. Some are presidents of chiropractic colleges, some political leaders, and many have gone on to create their own dynamic practice management programs.


Even though Dr. Whitney passed I continued with the consulting.  The one thing that remains a constant is that "cookie cutter" training can serve a purpose for the short term, but understanding yourself as a healer, educating yourself in the business of chiropractic and becoming an excellent communicator create congruency, lasting success, and joy in practice. Helping chiropractors start-up, transition and find their sweet spots in practice has been among my greatest passions. 


It started innocently enough.  The student clients we put into practice called for assistance with the challenges that different phases of practice presented them with.  Staffing, growth, forecasting, marketing, social media, technology, higher efficiencies, greater profitability etc.  


So what I do now is offer one on one, practical coaching and consulting solutions to help you to identify what you want and what you will need to get there. 


My style is relaxed, intelligent and intuitive. My clients would see me as a compassionate mirror for their stuff and a loyal cheerleader for their heart's desires. 


There are a lot of fabulous coaches out there.  It is not about one of us having a huge advantage over another…. It's about fit.   Does my style fit your needs? 


I pick you up as a client from where you are, as you are.

I help you find your authentic voice and craft your unique brand of chiropractic success. 


Through an effective process of mentoring, consulting, teaching, and coaching, we get to the cause of what is keeping you from feeling the way you want to feel and from creating the life and practice you desire.


Together we focus on solutions that will lead you to inspired action, one step at a time.  


This is always about you. 



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